Preventive / Chronic Care (Story)

Provide an extensive medical devices such as body weight scale, blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meter, pulse oximeter, thermometer, spirometer, and ECG to monitor a patient’s health condition

Provide a doctorgramHub solution which helps all the non-mobile patients to collect vital data without a mobile device

Customize vital range of individual patients according to their health condition in real-time monitoring to improve patients' satisfaction

Personalize a goal and care plan for each patient

Provide a communication channel to physician or medical staff via secure messaging system

Provide video consultation with diagnosis tool kit to improve the accuracy of remote diagnosis

Doctorgram is designed for a patient who can collect vital data via Bluetooth devices. And all the data will be kept tracking by your care team. If it is necessary, you can commmunicate with your doctor office via text message or a televisit Download the application FOR FREE:

DoctorgramMD is designed for medical staff and doctors. Create care plans and set up vital ranges according to your patients' health conditions. Browse through vital data from patients via our simple user interface. Communicate with your patients via our secure messaging system or schedule a televisit through our application. Download the application FOR FREE: