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Ease to collect vital data via Bluetooth medical devices (MeasureKit)
Personalize your vital range based on your health condition
Share your vital data with your family member
Data Security (HIPAA compliant)
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If your doctor or healthcare provider is enrolled to doctorgram services,  you will be able to access the following services:
your vital data will be monitoring by your service provider
your service provider will customize your care plan and vital range
contact your service provider via secure text messaging system
real-time remote diagnosis with advanced tool kits (diagnosiskit) via televisit
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S. Toy, a retired engineer

I like to share some pleasant experiences I have with a phone-based App, doctogram, which when working with the bluetooth enabled vital monitoring devices, automatically collects, records and tracks the results. Although it is capable much more, currently I am monitoring only three vital signs twice a day as I need them to help setting up my home dialysis machine. I found that my weight history, with its visual display, especially helpful in my selection of kind of dialysis solutions to use.  I have been able to maintain a more consistent body weight with just this simple feature alone. Any pertinent data stored on the Doctogram can easily be shared with the medical providers at a visit or remotely. I am sure others will find its many other simple to use features very useful. I highly recommend it.

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