For Preventive/Chronic Care

CREATE a care plan for each patient
CUSTOMIZE vital range based on each patient's unique conditions
PROVIDE 24/7 access to physicians or other medical staff via secured messaging
PROVIDE real time health condition monitoring


Mrs.Jones has two chronic conditions hypertension and diabetes. After enrolling in CCM services (Medicare Chronic Care Management), her doctor provided her a care plan to follow. She is using doctorgram, a mobile application to record her blood pressure, weight and blood glucose level daily. Doctorgram also supports staff from her doctor’s office to monitor her vitals around the clock. In one incident,Mrs.Jones'blood glucose level dropped to a dangerous level and doctorgram sent an alert to her doctor's office. Staff from her doctor's office immediately notified her physician. He contacted her and asked her to rest and took some sugar to bring her sugar level up as a low sugar level could cause dizziness. Mrs.Jones also uses doctorgram to send questions to her doctor in the form of secured message, such as on medicines that she was prescribed.

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