Our Vision

In 2013,I had a conversation with Dr. Marvin Masada and, the idea of doctorgram was born. Dr. Masada had just gone on a medical mission trip to the Thailand and he shared with me the need for remote medical diagnosis tool in an orphanage there. Together, we envisioned a solution for those in the world who lack medical guidance due to cost, lack of transportation, poor medical history or unestablished habits to take care of their health.

Doctogram strives to create a long-term solution to improving healthcare through preventive care and addressing health conditions before they become serious medical problems. By connecting the patient and his/her health care team through technology, doctorgram can improve how patients communicate with health care providers, leading to better outcomes and quality of care.

Our hope is to develop the technology behind doctorgram to eventually be able to drive deep learning insights. By applying these algorithms to healthcare data, we can study patient conditions over time and allow doctors to develop more advanced treatments and reduce the risk of chronic diseases before the onset of symptoms. With your support in developing doctorgram, we can change the world, one patient at a time.

Our Team

Ching Kay Chow
CEO & Founder
Marvin Masada,M.D.

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